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151 Uintah Basin Standard1958-10-307New Arrivalsbirth
152 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-062New Arrivalsbirth
153 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-041Emma C. Wimmer Observes 80th Anniversarybirth
154 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-044Husky Bobcat Killed near Richard Olsen Barn Sundaybirth
155 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-11886th Birthday Will be Observed on December 14birth
156 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-1110Twin Boys Born to Carl Smithson Familybirth
157 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-012New Arrivalsbirth
158 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-014Becry Bellon Has Sixth Birthdaybirth
159 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-152New-Arrivalsbirth
160 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-222New Arrivalsbirth
161 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-292New Arrivalsbirth
162 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-052New Arrivalsbirth
163 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-057Baby Boy Bronbirth
164 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-127Gold and Green Ball Date Set for February 17birth
165 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-192New Arrivalsbirth
166 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-193Birthday Penny Drive Made on Fridaybirth
167 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-262New Arrivalsbirth
168 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-057Birthday of Scouting Observed by Cubs, Leaders and Parents at Mytonbirth
169 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-0511New Arrivalsbirth
170 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-122New Arrivalsbirth
171 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-126Baby Announcementbirth
172 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-192New Arrivalsbirth
173 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-193Merrill Millett Feted by Birthday Partybirth
174 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-193Diane Miles Has Eighth Birthdaybirth
175 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-199Levi J. Anderton Honored on 77th Birthdaybirth
151 - 175 of 518