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151 South High Scribe1941-11-281Cast Repeats School Play Performancearticle
152 South High Scribe1941-11-281New "Cubby Club" Dance Scheduledarticle
153 South High Scribe1941-11-281Students Collect Toys for Repairarticle
154 South High Scribe1941-11-281Director Forms Vocal Groupsarticle
155 South High Scribe1941-11-281Willardsen Directs Special Ensemblearticle
156 South High Scribe1941-11-281Siren Vamps Editor in Production of 'Ever since Eve'article
157 South High Scribe1941-11-281S.H.A.G. Sponsors Yearly Masqueradearticle
158 South High Scribe1941-11-281Students Receive Scholastic Rotoarticle
159 South High Scribe1941-11-282page
160 South High Scribe1941-11-282unclassified
161 South High Scribe1941-11-282unclassified
162 South High Scribe1941-11-282unclassified
163 South High Scribe1941-11-282advertisement
164 South High Scribe1941-11-282The Kid Across the Aislearticle
165 South High Scribe1941-11-282We're not Afraidarticle
166 South High Scribe1941-11-282Are you Willing to Help?article
167 South High Scribe1941-11-282You are Leaders of Tomorrowarticle
168 South High Scribe1941-11-282Are you Life-Thrifty?article
169 South High Scribe1941-11-282Campus Clothes=Upsarticle
170 South High Scribe1941-11-282Cubby Holearticle
171 South High Scribe1941-11-282Speaking of Moronsarticle
172 South High Scribe1941-11-283page
173 South High Scribe1941-11-283unclassified
174 South High Scribe1941-11-283advertisement
175 South High Scribe1941-11-283Alumni are Working Hardarticle
151 - 175 of 1,644