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151 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-03-2610Literature of Days of Old Discussed at Meetingarticle
152 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-05-156Big Library Will be Built at Ft Douglasarticle
153 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-06-134Amusementsarticle
154 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-08-0413Real Estate Transfersarticle
155 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-258Vigorous Contests Mark Democratic Primariesarticle
156 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-2938Old Soldiers Pay Honor to Senator Smootarticle
157 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-305Delegates to Democratic State, County and Legislative Conventionarticle
158 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-2016First Army Listarticle
159 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-308advertisement
160 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-319advertisement
161 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-077Personnel of 1919 Legislaturearticle
162 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-1026War Mothers Pick Officers; Perfect Plansarticle
163 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-146First Army Listarticle
164 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-108Final Returns Indicate Upper House Bourbonarticle
165 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-287Politicsarticle
166 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-151[Illegible] Plans [Illegible] Solonsarticle
167 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-2510Compus at U Memorial Sitearticle
168 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-047Six Legislators Chosen to Pick Memorial Sitearticle
169 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-078Legislators Return after Brief Illnessarticle
170 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-084Senate Denies Relief Asked for Firemendeath
171 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-1712Three L. D. S. Societies Plan Annual Ballarticle
172 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2014Plan Monument to Irrigationarticle
173 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-232Elaborate Dance for Service Men Plannedarticle
174 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-233West's Clubwomen Vote for League of Nationsarticle
175 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-255Home Dance Given Forfightersarticle
151 - 175 of 212