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151 Grand Valley Times1911-11-101Funeral Service is Held Sundaydeath
152 Grand Valley Times1911-11-176Frozen to Deathdeath
153 Grand Valley Times1911-12-0810I. N. Bunting Diesdeath
154 Grand Valley Times1912-01-127Head of Crane Company Deaddeath
155 Grand Valley Times1912-01-267Aviator Falls to His Deathdeath
156 Grand Valley Times1912-02-027Duke of Fife is Deaddeath
157 Grand Valley Times1912-02-231John Welsh Meets Deathdeath
158 Grand Valley Times1912-02-239Jim Fisk's Widow Diesdeath
159 Grand Valley Times1912-03-082Death Calls Noted Womandeath
160 Grand Valley Times1912-03-152Former Chief Justice Deaddeath
161 Grand Valley Times1912-03-223Deadwood Dick Deaddeath
162 Grand Valley Times1912-03-292Montana Publisher Deaddeath
163 Grand Valley Times1912-04-052"Fiddling Bob" Taylor Deaddeath
164 Grand Valley Times1912-04-191J. J. Davis of Carlisle Dies in Kansas Citydeath
165 Grand Valley Times1912-06-211Old Soldier Calleddeath
166 Grand Valley Times1912-07-053John L. Smith Calleddeath
167 Grand Valley Times1912-08-022Governor Richards is Deaddeath
168 Grand Valley Times1912-08-161Falling Tree Causes Deathdeath
169 Grand Valley Times1912-08-231Aged Pioneer Calleddeath
170 Grand Valley Times1912-08-232Find Miner Dead near Traitdeath
171 Grand Valley Times1912-08-301Brakeman Killed at Thompsonsdeath
172 Grand Valley Times1912-09-131Mrs. Thos. B. Foy Dies Suddenlydeath
173 Grand Valley Times1912-09-201Leo Butt Dies at Monticellodeath
174 Grand Valley Times1912-09-273Former Utah Jurist Deaddeath
175 Grand Valley Times1912-11-222General Merriam Deaddeath
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