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151 Garland Globe1908-02-156Determined Effort of a Physician to Commit Suicidedeath
152 Garland Globe1908-02-156General Joe Hudson Deaddeath
153 Garland Globe1908-02-1510James T. Smith is Deaddeath
154 Garland Globe1908-02-291Death at Riversidedeath
155 Garland Globe1908-03-072Died with Boots Ondeath
156 Garland Globe1908-03-073A Lithuanian Funeraldeath
157 Garland Globe1908-03-077Famous Character is Deaddeath
158 Garland Globe1908-03-141Funeral at Farmingtondeath
159 Garland Globe1908-03-142Body of Anarchist Buried in Potter's Fielddeath
160 Garland Globe1908-03-142Senator Proctor Deaddeath
161 Garland Globe1908-03-142Victims of School Fire Tenderly Laid to Restdeath
162 Garland Globe1908-03-211Death of W. Melvin Richdeath
163 Garland Globe1908-03-211Moses Jones Dies of His Injuriesdeath
164 Garland Globe1908-03-282Senator Bryan Deaddeath
165 Garland Globe1908-04-042Outlaw Killed by His Brotherdeath
166 Garland Globe1908-04-042Sixty Miners Meet Death in Wyoming Coal Minedeath
167 Garland Globe1908-04-252Burned to Death in Jaildeath
168 Garland Globe1908-04-252Noted Indian Guide Deaddeath
169 Garland Globe1908-04-257death
170 Garland Globe1908-05-022Twelve Are Drowneddeath
171 Garland Globe1908-05-022Hamlet Buried by Mountain Slidedeath
172 Garland Globe1908-05-022General Linevitch Deaddeath
173 Garland Globe1908-05-092Eleven of Crew Drowneddeath
174 Garland Globe1908-05-093Commits Suicide to Enrich Sisterdeath
175 Garland Globe1908-05-161Funeral Servicesdeath
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