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151 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-04-106Emery Pioneer Dies While Driving Teamdeath
152 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-04-174Local Newspaper Man Dies in New Yorkdeath
153 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-05-151Death of Mrs. Snowdeath
154 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-07-241Death of Harry A. Nelsondeath
155 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-07-244James Langton Killeddeath
156 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-01-151Funeral Services Sunday for H. Lawrence Beemerdeath
157 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-01-221John Forrester, Sr., Answers Last Calldeath
158 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-01-221Canada's "Grand Old Man" Passes Peacefully Awaydeath
159 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-02-261Senator Teller Dead at 84 after Long Careerdeath
160 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-04-091Pioneer Woman of Sanpete Passes Beyonddeath
161 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-04-091Cy Warman Passesdeath
162 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-04-091Dies in Montanadeath
163 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-08-131William Forrester Killeddeath
164 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-09-101Laid to Restdeath
165 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-09-178"Cap" Smith Passesdeath
166 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-11-125J. H. Eccles Deaddeath
167 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-11-191Alfred Perkins Passesdeath
168 Eastern Utah Advocate1914-12-315Mrs. Louise Hamel Deaddeath
169 Eastern Utah Advocate1915-02-055George P. Watson Deaddeath
170 Eastern Utah Advocate1915-02-125Mrs. Ernest Cobbley Dies of Heart Failuredeath
171 Eastern Utah Advocate1915-03-125W. M. Nichols Passesdeath
172 Eastern Utah Advocate1915-03-191John Sharp Deaddeath
173 Eastern Utah Advocate1915-04-231T. H. Thomas Dead at 73death
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