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126 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-259Home Wedding Unites Couplewedding
127 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-031Former Deltans to Mark Golden Wedding may 6wedding
128 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-107Engagement is Announcedwedding
129 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-1091950 Marriage Rate Climbs 6 per Centwedding
130 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-1010Friends Call at Golden Weddingwedding
131 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-179Engagement is Announcedwedding
132 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-179May Marriage Made Knownwedding
133 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-247Is Bride of may 15thwedding
134 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-317Are Married in Home Ceremonywedding
135 Millard County Chronicle1951-05-317Oak City Miss is June Bridewedding
136 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-013May 1 Wedding is Announcedwedding
137 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-013Engagement is Announcedwedding
138 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-013Young Couple Wed at Elywedding
139 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-014Exchange Vows in Nevada Riteswedding
140 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-018Will be Wed in Manti Templewedding
141 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-083Is Honored at Bridal Showerwedding
142 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-083To be Honored at Receptionwedding
143 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-087To be Married Saturday, may 10wedding
144 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-153To be Wed may 17 Home Ceremonywedding
145 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-153June Wedding is Announcedwedding
146 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-223May Wedding is Announcedwedding
147 Millard County Chronicle1952-05-293Are Honored at Receptionwedding
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