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126 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-036Exchange Vows in Manti Templewedding
127 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-036Married in Manti Templewedding
128 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-037Are Newly Marriedwedding
129 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-037Greet Friends at Receptionwedding
130 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-037Lorraine Henrie is Summer Bridewedding
131 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-037Exchange Vows in Logan Templewedding
132 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-107Will Wed Aug. 11 in Manti Templewedding
133 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-107Announce Engagementwedding
134 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-107Couple Honored with Reception at Levan Fridaywedding
135 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-107Couple Honored at Receptionwedding
136 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-107August Wedding Plans Foretoldwedding
137 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-109Couple Honored at Reception in Oasis Wardwedding
138 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-177Announcement of Coming Weddingwedding
139 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-177Dorothy Starley is August Bridewedding
140 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-244Engagement is Announcedwedding
141 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-249Exchange Vows in Las Vegaswedding
142 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-2411Bride Honored at Trousseau Tea and Showerwedding
143 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-2411Home Wedding Unites Couplewedding
144 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-2411Exchange Vows in Manti Templewedding
145 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-317Newlyweds are Honored at Delta Receptionwedding
146 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-317Reception in Sutherland Honors Couplewedding
147 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-317Say Vows in Logan Templewedding
148 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-319Fall Wedding is Announcedwedding
149 Millard County Chronicle1951-08-021Wedding Dancewedding
150 Millard County Chronicle1951-08-165Young Marrieds Hold Partywedding
126 - 150 of 162