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126 Washington County News1944-08-034Marriage of Miss Deola Seegmiller and Pfc. Seth Mcfarland Announcedwedding
127 Washington County News1943-04-155Mr. and Mrs. John A. Allred Announce Coming Marriage of their Daughterwedding
128 Washington County News1932-02-183Iron County Couple Married in Templewedding
129 Washington County News1944-11-234Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bennett Announce the Engagement of their Daughter, Blanchewedding
130 Washington County News1943-07-224Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bowler Announce Marriage of their Daughter , Mary Edithwedding
131 Washington County News1943-07-015Attorney and Mrs. Leroy H. Cox Announce the Marriage of their Daughterwedding
132 Washington County News1939-04-207Marriage of Hortense Benson to Harold Dunn Announcedwedding
133 Washington County News1942-06-185Married in Reno Sunday were Miss Harriet Anderson and La Void Leavittwedding
134 Washington County News1942-09-175Miss Mary Jarvis and J. Mark Holmes Married in Temple Ceremony Satwedding
135 Washington County News1942-02-124Miss Shirely Ann Abbott and Ross Syphus Marry Here at Templewedding
136 Washington County News1944-12-285Doris Miller of Idaho Weds L. Beman Snow in Washington, D. C. Riteswedding
137 Washington County News1940-10-105Miss Inez Larson and Harold Cox United in Temple Marriage Here Wednesdaywedding
138 Washington County News1940-09-198Silver Wedding Anniversary to be Observed by Mr. and Mrs. Jos. T. Atkinwedding
139 Washington County News1941-07-175Newly-Weds Visit at Home of George E. Mileswedding
140 Washington County News1940-06-275Wedding Reception for Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bowler Held Thursdaywedding
141 Washington County News1944-11-165Capt. George Richard Olds Marries in Beverly Hills on October 21stwedding
142 Washington County News1935-10-311Marriageswedding
143 Washington County News1945-11-155Coast Couple Wed in SLC Visit Relatives Herewedding
144 Washington County News1945-02-221Woodburys Honore on Golden Wedding Fetewedding
145 Washington County News1940-03-071Local Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary on Wednesdaywedding
146 Washington County News1941-01-094Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Neilson Announce Marriage of their Daughter, Floywedding
147 Washington County News1942-01-084Societywedding
148 Washington County News1943-09-305Engagement Announcedwedding
149 Washington County News1940-06-274Miss Marie Carter Honored by Two Bridal Showerswedding
150 Washington County News1943-09-234Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Covington Announce Engagement of their Daughter, Vivianwedding
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