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126 Milford News1931-12-241Richard Heslington Married in Idahowedding
127 Milford News1932-01-071Depression Hits Marriage Mart in Beaver Countywedding
128 Milford News1932-01-073Wedding Custom Vetoedwedding
129 Milford News1932-01-211Greenville Couple United in Marriagewedding
130 Milford News1932-02-111Programs of Scout Anniversary Weekwedding
131 Milford News1932-02-113Marriage Easy in Polandwedding
132 Milford News1932-02-115Cedar Legion Bans Employment of Married Womenwedding
133 Milford News1932-03-243Plays his Bride Inwedding
134 Milford News1932-04-281Dorothy Murdock to Become a Bride in California Satwedding
135 Milford News1932-04-281Margaret Corn G. T. Fritzgerald Married in Beaverwedding
136 Milford News1932-05-051Minersville Celebrates its Seventy-Fifth Anniversarywedding
137 Milford News1932-05-191Popular Young Couple Married in Beaverwedding
138 Milford News1932-06-021Pul Dart Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
139 Milford News1932-06-161Marriagewedding
140 Milford News1932-06-233Excellent Business in Breton Marriage Martwedding
141 Milford News1932-06-301Voronica Davis to Marry July 4thwedding
142 Milford News1932-06-301Married in Piochewedding
143 Milford News1932-07-071Wm. Ellingsworth Married in Washwedding
144 Milford News1932-07-141J. V. Reynolds Wins Colorado Bridewedding
145 Milford News1932-08-181Announce Marriagewedding
146 Milford News1932-09-013Blouse for a Bridewedding
147 Milford News1932-09-081Miss Beryl Young and Jack V. Hilliary Married in Califwedding
148 Milford News1932-09-151Wedding Party Returned Sundaywedding
149 Milford News1932-09-152Oldest Married Couple?wedding
150 Milford News1932-10-131Marriage Announcedwedding
126 - 150 of 480