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126 Springville Herald1925-01-021Springville Resident Diesdeath
127 Springville Herald1925-01-024Death Call Answered by Young Motherdeath
128 Springville Herald1925-01-094Miner Meets Sudden Deathdeath
129 Springville Herald1925-01-161Mrs. Hassell Laid to Restdeath
130 Springville Herald1925-01-162Tammany Hall Leader Deaddeath
131 Springville Herald1925-01-164Resident of Nephi Diesdeath
132 Springville Herald1925-01-301Paralysis is Fatal to Aged Womandeath
133 Springville Herald1925-01-301Funeral for Sumsion Babydeath
134 Springville Herald1925-01-301Services Held for Little Boydeath
135 Springville Herald1925-01-301Springville Man Dies in Salt Lakedeath
136 Springville Herald1925-01-303Cold Causes Eight Deathsdeath
137 Springville Herald1925-01-303Spanish Fork Woman Diesdeath
138 Springville Herald1925-02-061Woodrow Wilson's Death Anniversary Passes by Virtually Unnoticeddeath
139 Springville Herald1925-02-061Peterson Boy Dies at Homedeath
140 Springville Herald1925-02-061Springville Woman Burieddeath
141 Springville Herald1925-02-061Mapleton Man Buried Sundaydeath
142 Springville Herald1925-02-062Auto Victim Laid to Restdeath
143 Springville Herald1925-02-062Mrs. Bredeson Passes Awaydeath
144 Springville Herald1925-02-062Former Provo Man is Burieddeath
145 Springville Herald1925-02-062Former Provo Man is Deaddeath
146 Springville Herald1925-02-062Eureka Man Dies in Provodeath
147 Springville Herald1925-02-131Services for 4-Year-Old Boydeath
148 Springville Herald1925-02-133Provo Woman Dies on Coastdeath
149 Springville Herald1925-02-201Fall Fatal to Aged Womandeath
150 Springville Herald1925-02-201Mourners Fill Large Spanish Fork Pavilion at Funeral Servicesdeath
126 - 150 of 5,469