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126 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-216Huerta will Play out the Gamedeath
127 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-216Death Ends Controversydeath
128 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-282Drew Dead Father's Pensiondeath
129 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-282Chief and Two Deputies Shot down by Mexicandeath
130 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-282Maderos Leave Mexicodeath
131 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-11-284Jeff Tidwell Deaddeath
132 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-056Engineer Burned to Deathdeath
133 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-056Spencer Condemned to Deathdeath
134 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-126Noted Master Mariner Diesdeath
135 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-126Noted Oculist Diesdeath
136 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-126Dropper Dead on the Streetdeath
137 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-126Rear Admiral Dies Suddenlydeath
138 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-126Ohio Jurist Diesdeath
139 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-198Volcano Causes Deathdeath
140 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-198Noted California Pioneer Diesdeath
141 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-262Mrs. Marshall P. Wilder Diesdeath
142 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-262Congressman Pepper may Diedeath
143 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1913-12-262Streams of Lava Pour over Islanddeath
144 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-021Moronideath
145 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-021Mrs. E. D. Sorensen Died in Californiadeath
146 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-023Canadian Author Diesdeath
147 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-026Primate of Norway Diesdeath
148 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-026Scores Trampled to Death in Panicdeath
149 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-026Andrew C. Nelson Summoneddeath
150 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-091Laid at Restdeath
126 - 150 of 3,751