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126 Lehi Sun1921-09-291Death Takes Young Fourth Ward Mandeath
127 Lehi Sun1921-10-067Doorkeeper Diesdeath
128 Lehi Sun1921-10-137Union Official Diesdeath
129 Lehi Sun1921-10-201Bennett Infant Burieddeath
130 Lehi Sun1921-10-201Pioneers Called by Deathdeath
131 Lehi Sun1921-10-271Youth Dies Suddenlydeath
132 Lehi Sun1921-10-277String Carries Death Currentdeath
133 Lehi Sun1921-11-034Dakota Priest is Shot to Deathdeath
134 Lehi Sun1921-11-101S. J. Taylor Called by Deathdeath
135 Lehi Sun1921-12-081Father of Carl J. E. Hertell Passed Away at the Home of His Sondeath
136 Lehi Sun1921-12-1515Client of Lincoln Passes Awaydeath
137 Lehi Sun1921-12-223Former Lehi Resident Deaddeath
138 Lehi Sun1921-12-225Client of Lincoln Passes Awaydeath
139 Lehi Sun1922-01-051Former Lehi Woman Diesdeath
140 Lehi Sun1922-01-121Russell Babe Passes Awaydeath
141 Lehi Sun1922-01-123Funeral Services for Mrs. Synthia Varney Nesbitdeath
142 Lehi Sun1922-01-191Mrs. Ann Perry Dies at Age of 93 Yearsdeath
143 Lehi Sun1922-01-191Man Hurt at Sugar Factory Diesdeath
144 Lehi Sun1922-01-191Officer of Utah County is Deaddeath
145 Lehi Sun1922-01-191Two Deaths Occur This Week in Lehideath
146 Lehi Sun1922-01-194Hurls Death into Skatersdeath
147 Lehi Sun1922-01-263Former Lehi Man Diesdeath
148 Lehi Sun1922-02-021Mrs. Knudsen Dies in Californiadeath
149 Lehi Sun1922-02-091Prominent Man Dies---Service for Mrs. Knudsendeath
150 Lehi Sun1922-02-095Cardinal Dies of Influenzadeath
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