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126 Emery County Progress1911-12-301Emerydeath
127 Emery County Progress1911-12-306Death Bed Jestdeath
128 Emery County Progress1912-02-034Violent Death Harvestdeath
129 Emery County Progress1912-02-036Famous American Indiansdeath
130 Emery County Progress1912-05-041Well Known Citizen Dies in Salt Lakedeath
131 Emery County Progress1912-05-118Orangevilledeath
132 Emery County Progress1912-05-251Orangeville Young Man is Killed at Pricedeath
133 Emery County Progress1912-07-271Death Claims Another Victimdeath
134 Emery County Progress1912-08-038Funeral Services Held for Peterson Laddeath
135 Emery County Progress1912-08-317Saved from Dreadful Deathdeath
136 Emery County Progress1912-10-121Ferrondeath
137 Emery County Progress1912-10-121Huntingtondeath
138 Emery County Progress1912-10-261Funeral of Babe Very Sad Affairdeath
139 Emery County Progress1913-01-048Emerydeath
140 Emery County Progress1913-02-081Elmodeath
141 Emery County Progress1913-03-011Huntingtondeath
142 Emery County Progress1913-04-121Mrs. Ingri Funk Funeral at Mantideath
143 Emery County Progress1913-06-217Death Made Beautifuldeath
144 Emery County Progress1913-07-051Young Ray Luke Dies at Salt Lakedeath
145 Emery County Progress1913-07-261Ferrondeath
146 Emery County Progress1913-07-267Carried out Hunger Strikedeath
147 Emery County Progress1913-08-098He Laughed 'till He Dieddeath
148 Emery County Progress1913-08-165He Laughed 'till He Dieddeath
149 Emery County Progress1913-08-235He Laughed 'till He Dieddeath
150 Emery County Progress1913-09-065He Laughed till He Dieddeath
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