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126 Milford News1936-06-112The Lon Star Empire Holds a Birthday Partybirth
127 Milford News1936-07-167Twins Born to Pair in Different Townsbirth
128 Milford News1936-07-301Britons Celebrate King edward's Birthdaybirth
129 Milford News1936-09-242Bob Davis Revealsbirth
130 Milford News1936-10-081Babay Boy Arrivesbirth
131 Milford News1936-10-151Funeral is Held at Birth Place for Mrs. Shannonbirth
132 Milford News1937-01-143Nation Hails President's Birthdaybirth
133 Milford News1937-02-182King's Birthdaybirth
134 Milford News1937-03-251Birthday is Celebratedbirth
135 Milford News1937-04-221Baby Girls Arrivebirth
136 Milford News1937-06-101Entertains for Birthdaybirth
137 Milford News1937-07-153The ''Mother Land'' of Five Statesbirth
138 Milford News1937-08-053Honorable Artillery Company has Birthdaybirth
139 Milford News1937-08-125Celebrates 27th Birthday in Iron Lungbirth
140 Milford News1937-08-262Seeks Bride on 121st Birthdaybirth
141 Milford News1937-09-237Where Charlie Mccarthy was Bornbirth
142 Milford News1937-09-301Plan Big Fete for Blood's Birthdaybirth
143 Milford News1937-10-282Dead at Birth-Now Husky Babybirth
144 Milford News1937-11-111Birthday Partybirth
145 Milford News1937-11-113Birth of New British Linerbirth
146 Milford News1937-12-233Gives Birth to Fifth Caesarian Babybirth
147 Milford News1938-01-062Infant Death Rate by Accident Highbirth
148 Milford News1938-01-133Threads Needle at Her 100th Birthday Partybirth
149 Milford News1938-01-201Birthday Honoredbirth
150 Milford News1938-02-176Favorite Recipe of the Weekbirth
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