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126 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039Basin Pioneer is Honored on 91st Anniversarybirth
127 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039New Arrivalsbirth
128 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039Guy Mayhew Leads "D" Club at DHSarticle
129 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039Observes Eightieth Birthday in Sandybirth
130 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039Notice to Creditorsarticle
131 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-039Summonsarticle
132 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310page
133 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310unclassified
134 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310advertisement
135 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-031024 Pupils Receive Special Aid in New Programarticle
136 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310High Percentage of Ag. Projects Completed Last Yeararticle
137 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310Driver Education and Trainingarticle
138 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310Two Young Men Receive Calls to Fill L. D. S. Church Missionsarticle
139 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310Catholic Churcharticle
140 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310Dr. Vernon Young Heads Duchesne War YMMIAarticle
141 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-0310Livestock Values Unchanged for Tax Purposesarticle
142 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-10issue
143 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101page
144 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101masthead
145 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101advertisement
146 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101unclassified
147 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101$2,000 in Valuable Gifts to be Given at Grand Openingarticle
148 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101Basin's Finest Super - Market Will Open Its Doors in Roosevelt Mondayarticle
149 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101Self - Serving Meat Section Introducedarticle
150 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-101Local Newsarticle
126 - 150 of 66,252