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126 Times Independent1926-03-048Moab Young Man Weds Peoria, Illinois, Girlwedding
127 Times Independent1926-04-018Dr. Shepard Wedswedding
128 Times Independent1926-04-226Miss Donna Stark Weds Salt Lake City Manwedding
129 Times Independent1926-04-297Wedding of Midgets Draws Great Crowd in Savannahwedding
130 Times Independent1926-05-068Hurley--Coppingerwedding
131 Times Independent1926-05-201Popular Moab Couple Wedded Tuesday Eveningwedding
132 Times Independent1926-06-178Robt. J. Thomson. Jr., and Miss Gladys Robertson Wedwedding
133 Times Independent1926-06-244Miss Gertrude Merling Weds Denver Chemistwedding
134 Times Independent1926-07-015Moab Teacher Marries California Geologistwedding
135 Times Independent1926-07-018Ames-Stockswedding
136 Times Independent1926-07-081Popular Young Couple Joined in Marriagewedding
137 Times Independent1926-07-081Double--Westwoodwedding
138 Times Independent1926-07-151Miss Veva Brown Weds George E. Hugheswedding
139 Times Independent1926-07-228Somerville--Hawkswedding
140 Times Independent1926-08-124Married at Green Riverwedding
141 Times Independent1926-09-094Sisters in Triple Weddingwedding
142 Times Independent1926-09-164Married in Californiawedding
143 Times Independent1926-10-215Former Moab Girl Weds Ogden Contractorwedding
144 Times Independent1926-11-118Colorado Couples Wedwedding
145 Times Independent1927-01-201Weiler--Wilcoxwedding
146 Times Independent1927-01-271Clifford N. Chadwick and Miss Faye Allred Wedwedding
147 Times Independent1927-02-031Philander Davis and Mary Loveridge Weddedwedding
148 Times Independent1927-02-243They Were Married in Napleswedding
149 Times Independent1927-04-211Frank Shafer Weds Moab Hospital Superintendentwedding
150 Times Independent1927-04-288Married at Salt Lakewedding
126 - 150 of 2,023