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126 South High Scribe1941-11-073Alumni Paradearticle
127 South High Scribe1941-11-073Who is an American?article
128 South High Scribe1941-11-073'By Hook or Crook, I'll Read this Book'article
129 South High Scribe1941-11-073Club Notesarticle
130 South High Scribe1941-11-073Dance-Lovers Enjoy Shaw Exhibitionarticle
131 South High Scribe1941-11-073R.O.T.C.!article
132 South High Scribe1941-11-074page
133 South High Scribe1941-11-074unclassified
134 South High Scribe1941-11-074advertisement
135 South High Scribe1941-11-074'C' Boys out to Avenge Single Setback by Westarticle
136 South High Scribe1941-11-074Caputo has Trouble with South's 'Twelfth Man'article
137 South High Scribe1941-11-074Midgets Carry South's Honorarticle
138 South High Scribe1941-11-074Gallant Juniors Close Second Tough Seasonarticle
139 South High Scribe1941-11-074Seniors Hope for First Winarticle
140 South High Scribe1941-11-074Where No Man Roamsarticle
141 South High Scribe1941-11-28issue
142 South High Scribe1941-11-281page
143 South High Scribe1941-11-281masthead
144 South High Scribe1941-11-281Scribe Literature Contest Deadline Slated Dec. 8article
145 South High Scribe1941-11-281Yearbook Staff Speeds Activitiesarticle
146 South High Scribe1941-11-281Agents Interview Girls for Workarticle
147 South High Scribe1941-11-281Publication Staffs Attend Conferencearticle
148 South High Scribe1941-11-281Cadets Receive Staff Promotionsarticle
149 South High Scribe1941-11-281Girls Plan 'Omit Noise' Campaignarticle
150 South High Scribe1941-11-281Choir Prepares Cantataarticle
126 - 150 of 1,644