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126 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-115Myron Greene Meets Tragic Death in Minedeath
127 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-181Local Man Dies at Spring Canyondeath
128 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-181High School Pep Vodie next Wednesdaydeath
129 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-186Mrs. Olive Kirkwood Lim Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
130 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-188Alpine Newsdeath
131 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-011Death Calls Aged Womandeath
132 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-011Annie Katherine Sorenson Diesdeath
133 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-011Mary Aston Buried Mondaydeath
134 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-012Funeral Services Held Here for A. M Fork Nativedeath
135 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-015Successful Farmer Dies after Lingering Illnessdeath
136 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-015Mrs .Mina Shafter Laid at Restdeath
137 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-015Funeral Services for Mrs. Niels Nelson Largely Attendeddeath
138 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-081Funeral Services Held for Anna Nelsondeath
139 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-081Prominent Wool Grower Passes Awaydeath
140 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-085Cure your Blues at the Thespian Vodie Tonightdeath
141 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-152School Vodie Enjoyed by Manydeath
142 Pleasant Grove Review1930-02-225Young Girl Dies from Pneumoniadeath
143 Pleasant Grove Review1933-02-175Former Resident Dies Suddenly of Heart Attackdeath
144 Pleasant Grove Review1933-02-245Final Tribute Paid Oldest Man of Citydeath
145 Pleasant Grove Review1933-02-245Young Daughter Succumbs to Scarlet Feverdeath
146 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-031Trial N. Anderson Diesdeath
147 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-031Three Called by Grim Reaper in Weekdeath
148 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-031Young Father Diesdeath
149 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-035[Illegible] Allen Dies at Lehideath
150 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-035Child of Five Dies Heredeath
126 - 150 of 4,435