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126 Pleasant Grove Review1939-01-135Birthday Ball Scheduled Here on January 30birth
127 Pleasant Grove Review1939-01-271"Uncle Ezra" to Celebrate Birthdaybirth
128 Pleasant Grove Review1939-02-033"Happy Birthday" Had but Little Leaning for Man Whom Americans Honor on February 12 Each Yearbirth
129 Pleasant Grove Review1939-02-035Birthday Ball Receives Supportbirth
130 Pleasant Grove Review1939-02-103Rebirth of Amberbirth
131 Pleasant Grove Review1939-02-105Birthday Dance Raises $123 Fundbirth
132 Pleasant Grove Review1939-02-241Annie N. Holmen to Celebrate on 79th Birthdaybirth
133 Pleasant Grove Review1939-03-031Pleasant Grove Woman Celebrates 79 Th Birthdaybirth
134 Pleasant Grove Review1939-03-101J. L. Harvey to Celebrate 84th Birthday Sundaybirth
135 Pleasant Grove Review1939-03-105Charles Webb to be Honored on 80th Birthdaybirth
136 Pleasant Grove Review1939-03-175Resident Marks 75th Birthdaybirth
137 Pleasant Grove Review1939-04-211Ward Celebrates 49th Birthday with Reunionbirth
138 Pleasant Grove Review1939-04-289150 Extend Greetings to Joseph Halliday on Birthday Sundaybirth
139 Pleasant Grove Review1939-06-231State Extension Work Celebrates 25th Birthdaybirth
140 Pleasant Grove Review1939-08-041Pleasant Grove Woman Observes 85th Birthdaybirth
141 Pleasant Grove Review1939-08-111Birthday Fete to Honor Residentbirth
142 Pleasant Grove Review1939-09-014Births at the Hospitalbirth
143 Pleasant Grove Review1939-09-081[Illegible] Prepares to Celebrate Eighty-Ninth Birthdaybirth
144 Pleasant Grove Review1939-09-151Program Observes 89th Birthday of Pleasant Grovebirth
145 Pleasant Grove Review1939-09-295Penney's Mark 29th 'Birthday' in American Forkbirth
146 Pleasant Grove Review1939-11-031Resident Fetes 80th Birthday at Family Partybirth
147 Pleasant Grove Review1939-11-105First Native Born Composerbirth
148 Pleasant Grove Review1939-11-245[Illegible] F. Girl Presides [Illegible] Carlson Hall Birthday Partybirth
149 Pleasant Grove Review1939-12-223The Carols we Sing at Christmas Perpetuate a Custom Which Began Centuries before Birth of Christbirth
150 Pleasant Grove Review1939-12-295'Christmas Baby' Born at Hospitalbirth
126 - 150 of 1,841