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126 Piute County News1931-04-035Young Girl Dies of Meningitisdeath
127 Piute County News1931-04-104Death to the Flydeath
128 Piute County News1931-04-244Funeral Services for John Henry Churchdeath
129 Piute County News1931-05-084Funeral Services for Walter Hermansendeath
130 Piute County News1931-05-155Nellie Sherman Dies in Californiadeath
131 Piute County News1931-05-291Funeral Services for Robert Dobsondeath
132 Piute County News1931-06-122Glad to Leave High Officedeath
133 Piute County News1931-07-038Ed Harris Passes Ondeath
134 Piute County News1931-07-101Funeral Services Held for Ed Harrisdeath
135 Piute County News1931-07-245Mrs. Fournier Passesdeath
136 Piute County News1931-08-281M. C. Riddle Passes Awaydeath
137 Piute County News1931-09-045Police Hear Story of Mounting Auto Death Toll in Salt Lakedeath
138 Piute County News1931-09-251Funeral Services for Sam Pagedeath
139 Piute County News1931-10-165Mrs. Ellen Managers Passesdeath
140 Piute County News1931-11-064Ray Garth Stoker Diesdeath
141 Piute County News1931-11-065Andrew Jackman Riggs Passesdeath
142 Piute County News1931-11-065Richfield Pioneer Furniture Man Diesdeath
143 Piute County News1931-11-131Funeral Services for Jesse Applegatedeath
144 Piute County News1931-11-201Widtsoe Newsdeath
145 Piute County News1931-12-044Charles H. Church Dies at Richfielddeath
146 Piute County News1931-12-045Adelia Crowe Goulding Passesdeath
147 Piute County News1931-12-045Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron Diesdeath
148 Piute County News1931-12-251Funeral Services for J. C. Whittakerdeath
149 Piute County News1932-01-0110Funeral Eulogies Barreddeath
150 Piute County News1932-01-081Rufas Day Passesdeath
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