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126 Milford News1930-04-041Mother of Mrs. Pool Died at American Forkdeath
127 Milford News1930-04-181Ground Squirrels Get Death Penaltydeath
128 Milford News1930-04-187Still Fear Death Cursedeath
129 Milford News1930-04-187Summonsdeath
130 Milford News1930-04-1810Villages Long Burieddeath
131 Milford News1930-05-021Mary A. Morris Dies at Home in Greenvilledeath
132 Milford News1930-05-021Eph Smith Taken away by Deathdeath
133 Milford News1930-05-021Pneumonia Fatal to Troy Turnerdeath
134 Milford News1930-05-091Johansen Child Died Thursdaydeath
135 Milford News1930-05-095Funeral Service of Mrs. Emma Eyredeath
136 Milford News1930-05-161Whooping Cough and Pneumonia Claims Death of Childdeath
137 Milford News1930-05-161Funeral Services for Little Evan Johansendeath
138 Milford News1930-06-065Wife Sues for 430,000 for Death of Stanliffdeath
139 Milford News1930-06-131Beaver Man Dies at Milford Hospitaldeath
140 Milford News1930-06-131Mother of Three Children Diesdeath
141 Milford News1930-06-137Death Penalty must Standdeath
142 Milford News1930-06-208Buckhorn Flat Auto Accident Victim Diesdeath
143 Milford News1930-07-041Larry Lemon Dies of Ruptured Appendixdeath
144 Milford News1930-07-041Former Beaer Co. Man Dies at Elydeath
145 Milford News1930-07-041North Creek Lady Dies at Hospitaldeath
146 Milford News1930-07-041Free Dance for the Kiddiesdeath
147 Milford News1930-07-044Colton-Oddie Bill to Benefit Westdeath
148 Milford News1930-07-101Two Pioneers Die in Beaverdeath
149 Milford News1930-07-171Passing of Miss M Catherine Smithsondeath
150 Milford News1930-07-171Death of Infant Childdeath
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