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126 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-03-161Engineer Injured in Wreck Dies in Hospitaldeath
127 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-03-163Pioneer Woman Passes at the Age of Eightydeath
128 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-03-233David H. Moffat Called by Deathdeath
129 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-04-061C. Dailey Passes Awaydeath
130 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-04-207Isaac Manning, Servant, Deaddeath
131 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-07-067L. S. Dickinson Passes at Provodeath
132 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-08-031A. G. Sutherland is Dead at Provodeath
133 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-10-051Admiral Schley, Hero of Santiago is Deaddeath
134 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-10-121Mrs. Hartsell is Dead of Cancerdeath
135 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-12-077Newton Hill, an Old Timer, Deaddeath
136 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-163Old Resident Passesdeath
137 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-235A Good Woman Passes Away at Wellingtondeath
138 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-301Charles F. Warren Passesdeath
139 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-09-053Former Coal Mine Inspector is Deaddeath
140 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-09-1211Conductor J. Daly Drops Dead in Car Sectiondeath
141 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-09-261Orphaned Childrendeath
142 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-10-172William S. Davies Dies at Provo of General Debilitydeath
143 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-10-244C. K. Southworth Dead after a Brief Illnessdeath
144 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-11-071Ames F. Dunn Deaddeath
145 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-11-284Another Pioneer Passesdeath
146 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-02-271Father of Dr. Thome Dies at Salt Lake Citydeath
147 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-02-273The Mother of Scofield Residents Dies Suddenlydeath
148 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-03-061Dominic Milano Died Yesterday of Gangrenedeath
149 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-04-033Pierpont Morgan is Dead in Romedeath
150 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-04-103Hermit Pioneer Deaddeath
126 - 150 of 173