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126 American Fork Citizen1915-02-207Anna K. Sorenson Aged 93 Diesdeath
127 American Fork Citizen1915-02-207Webb Dies at Rivertondeath
128 American Fork Citizen1915-02-207J. Wadley Succumbs to Pneumoniadeath
129 American Fork Citizen1915-02-271Logie Baby is Burieddeath
130 American Fork Citizen1915-02-277A. N. Nelson Dies in Idahodeath
131 American Fork Citizen1915-02-277Funeral Services for N. J. Wadleydeath
132 American Fork Citizen1915-03-063Funeral Services for the Late Mrs. Ruth Jacklindeath
133 American Fork Citizen1915-03-064Homer Crabb Dies of Kidney Troubledeath
134 American Fork Citizen1915-03-066Homer Crabb's Funeraldeath
135 American Fork Citizen1915-03-134Funeral Services for Homer Crabbdeath
136 American Fork Citizen1915-03-201John H. Nicholes Dies at Provo Hospitaldeath
137 American Fork Citizen1915-03-204Funeral Services for James Wilsondeath
138 American Fork Citizen1915-03-274Fredrickson Baby Buried in Lehideath
139 American Fork Citizen1915-04-031Judge Dusenberry Deaddeath
140 American Fork Citizen1915-04-036Funeral Services for Samuel Telforddeath
141 American Fork Citizen1915-04-037Funeral Services for Mrs. C. H. Cookdeath
142 American Fork Citizen1915-04-101Little Child Dies from Heart Troubledeath
143 American Fork Citizen1915-04-107Death of Conrad Maagdeath
144 American Fork Citizen1915-04-107Funeral Services for Mrs. Margaret Fugaldeath
145 American Fork Citizen1915-04-107Mortensen Funeral Held Here Todaydeath
146 American Fork Citizen1915-04-172Walter Needham Dies in Provodeath
147 American Fork Citizen1915-04-178Funeral Services for E. A. Nyedeath
148 American Fork Citizen1915-04-179Funeral Services for Conrad Maagdeath
149 American Fork Citizen1915-04-241Dies in Colorado Buried at Homedeath
150 American Fork Citizen1915-04-246Mrs. Sarah Sims Buried in Lehideath
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