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101 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-081Mrs. Emma Vange Dies Suddenlydeath
102 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-151Mrs. Wallace Pett. Died at Ogdendeath
103 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-151Early Brigham Resident Diesdeath
104 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-181Mrs. Wallace Pett Laid at Final Restdeath
105 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-181David R. Marsh of Willard Diesdeath
106 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-182James Albert Beirdneau is Summoned by Deathdeath
107 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-182Willard C. Maugham Dies of Pneumoniadeath
108 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-251Death Claims Young Motherdeath
109 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-291Aged Lady Dies at Mantuadeath
110 Box Elder News Journal1924-01-291Professor Joseph Becker Diesdeath
111 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-021Karen A. Hansen Died Wednesdaydeath
112 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-021Aged Mother Died in Kentuckydeath
113 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-021Young Man Died at Honeyvilledeath
114 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-131Ogden Woman's Death Follows Long Illnessdeath
115 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-231Former Brigham Man Dies at Salt Lakedeath
116 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-231Death Claims Infantdeath
117 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-271Maria Schjerup Dies Suddenlydeath
118 Box Elder News Journal1925-01-271Impressive Funeral for Tracy Gidneydeath
119 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-011Death of a Young Motherdeath
120 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-011Death of Promising Brigham City Boydeath
121 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-011Dr. M. G. Hansen Died Tuesdaydeath
122 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-051Funeral Services for Dr. M. G. Hansendeath
123 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-081Infant Son Dies This Morning at 1 O'clockdeath
124 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-081Infant Daughter of Alex Figgins Diesdeath
125 Box Elder News Journal1926-01-081Good Mother Called Homedeath
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