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101 Millard County Chronicle1949-02-171Death Takes Delta's Oldest Woman Resident, Mrs. Ann E. Melville Bishopdeath
102 Millard County Chronicle1949-02-171Services Held for Infant Girldeath
103 Millard County Chronicle1949-02-241E. T. Thornton Dies Wednesday after Lingering Illness; Was Aged 81 Yearsdeath
104 Millard County Chronicle1949-02-241Final Rites Are Held for Delta Pioneer Motherdeath
105 Millard County Chronicle1949-02-241Former Resident Dies at Ruthdeath
106 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-021Lions and Ladies go to State Meetdeath
107 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-021Services are Held Tuesday for Leamington Mandeath
108 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-021Former Oak City Resident Dies in Pleasant Grovedeath
109 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-0210Death Takes Educator and Church Leaderdeath
110 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-0210Hold Services for Infant Sondeath
111 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-091Sheepman Dies of Injuries in Truck Accidentdeath
112 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-091Former Resident of Lynndyl Diesdeath
113 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-095Rites Held for Idaho Rancher Killed by Traindeath
114 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-231Final Tribute Paid Wednesday to Aged Oak City Motherdeath
115 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-231Services Held in Oak City for Thelma Andersondeath
116 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-231Infant Son Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
117 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-239Aged Mother Dies in Wayne Countydeath
118 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-239Services Held for Utah Leaderdeath
119 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-2312Former Resident Dies Aged 79 in Californiadeath
120 Millard County Chronicle1950-02-2312Fillmore Rites Held Wednesdaydeath
121 Millard County Chronicle1951-02-011Oak City Rites Pay Tribute to Neil Wm. Lovelldeath
122 Millard County Chronicle1951-02-011Hold Services Thursday for Donald Townsenddeath
123 Millard County Chronicle1951-02-081Services Held Thursday for Donald Townsenddeath
124 Millard County Chronicle1951-02-0812Brother Dies in Duchesnedeath
125 Millard County Chronicle1951-02-151Final Rites Held Sunday for Aged Hinckley Womandeath
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