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101 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-131Delta Couple Invites their Friends to Golden Wedding Celebrationwedding
102 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-131Wedding Receptionwedding
103 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-135Are Wed may 1; Home Ceremonywedding
104 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-209Wedding Plans Made for June 2wedding
105 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-209Couple Married in Manti Templewedding
106 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-209Engagement Told; Wedding Setwedding
107 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-2012Wedding is Announcedwedding
108 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-2012Engagement is Announcedwedding
109 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-2012Golden Wedding is Celebratedwedding
110 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-059Wedding Plans are Announcedwedding
111 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-059Wedding Dance at Sutherlandwedding
112 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-059Temple Rites Unite Couplewedding
113 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-059Couple Weds in Tooelewedding
114 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-199Wedding Plans Announced for Early Autumnwedding
115 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-267Engagements of Two Daughters are Announcedwedding
116 Millard County Chronicle1949-05-267Home Wedding Unites Couplewedding
117 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-049Bridal Shower Planned for Enid Wheelerwedding
118 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-115Becomes Bride of Deltanwedding
119 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-115Temple Rites Unite Couplewedding
120 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-116Although it may not be Love at First Sight, Television and the Movies must Get Marriedwedding
121 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-257Engagement is Announcedwedding
122 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-257June Wedding to Unite Couplewedding
123 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-257Wedding Dance in Leamington Saturday Nightwedding
124 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-257Engaged to Wedwedding
125 Millard County Chronicle1950-05-259Announce Marriagewedding
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