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101 Millard County Chronicle1947-08-2812Virgina Killpack Marries Aug. 19wedding
102 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-051Home Wedding Unites Couplewedding
103 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-051Reception Honors Popular Couplewedding
104 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-051Return from Wedding Tripwedding
105 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-055Are Married in Idaho Fallswedding
106 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-057July Bride is Showered at Teawedding
107 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-1210Oak City Girl is Wedwedding
108 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-195Temple Marriage Unites Couplewedding
109 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-197Engagement Announcedwedding
110 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-197Young Couple to Live in Lynndylwedding
111 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-262Married Women Earning Morewedding
112 Millard County Chronicle1948-08-267Are Guests at Weddingwedding
113 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-042Avoid Boredom in Marriagewedding
114 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-047Engagement is Announcedwedding
115 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-119Engagement is Announcedwedding
116 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-119Wedding Vows are Exchangedwedding
117 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-119Couple are Wed Home Ceremonywedding
118 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-189To be Married in Septemberwedding
119 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-189Reception is Held for Newly Wedded Couplewedding
120 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-257Engagement is Announcedwedding
121 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-257Home Wedding at Hinckley Unites Couplewedding
122 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-259Engagement is Announcedwedding
123 Millard County Chronicle1949-08-259Are Wed Tuesday in Salt Lake Temple Riteswedding
124 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-036Are Honored at Receptionwedding
125 Millard County Chronicle1950-08-036Delta Reception Honors Couplewedding
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