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101 Rich County Reaper1943-10-081Young Couple Marriedwedding
102 Rich County Reaper1943-10-086Wedding Salutewedding
103 Rich County Reaper1943-11-191Wedding Dinner Fetes Couple Married in Augustwedding
104 Rich County Reaper1943-11-261Wedding Anniversary & Birthday Celebratedwedding
105 Rich County Reaper1943-12-031Wedding Dancewedding
106 Rich County Reaper1944-02-241Randolph Resident Married at Ogdenwedding
107 Rich County Reaper1944-03-101Wedding Dance to be Heldwedding
108 Rich County Reaper1944-03-171Wedding Vows Are Taken on Valentines Daywedding
109 Rich County Reaper1944-04-281Wedding Bells Ring out Againwedding
110 Rich County Reaper1944-06-231Henry Verl Pope Marriedwedding
111 Rich County Reaper1944-09-011Popular Couple Marriedwedding
112 Rich County Reaper1944-09-291Former Randolph Girl Marriedwedding
113 Rich County Reaper1944-10-271Robert Mckinnon Married Oct. 12 in S. L. Templewedding
114 Rich County Reaper1945-03-091Wedding Reception Held at Recreation Hallwedding
115 Rich County Reaper1945-08-241Randolph Girl Marriedwedding
116 Rich County Reaper1945-09-281Popular Young Couple Marrywedding
117 Rich County Reaper1945-10-051Local Couple Will Observe Their Golden Weddingwedding
118 Rich County Reaper1945-10-051Golden Wedding Daywedding
119 Rich County Reaper1945-11-231Wedding Receptionwedding
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