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101 Springville Herald1924-10-311Friends Pay Respect to Mrs. Spafforddeath
102 Springville Herald1924-10-311Springville Woman [Illegible] Last [Illegible]death
103 Springville Herald1924-11-072John H. Coombs Dies Suddenlydeath
104 Springville Herald1924-11-073Clear Creek Woman Dies in Provo Homedeath
105 Springville Herald1924-11-074Young Child Dies in Ogdendeath
106 Springville Herald1924-11-141Miner Girl is Buried in Springvilledeath
107 Springville Herald1924-11-211200 Assist in Search for Lost Childdeath
108 Springville Herald1924-11-211Provo Bench Farmer Diesdeath
109 Springville Herald1924-11-211Doukhobor Chief Buried in Rockdeath
110 Springville Herald1924-11-211Salem Woman Dies in Ogdendeath
111 Springville Herald1924-11-211Pioneer Land to Final Restdeath
112 Springville Herald1924-11-214death
113 Springville Herald1924-12-051Young People Miracuously Escape Deathdeath
114 Springville Herald1924-12-051With 'Ma'death
115 Springville Herald1924-12-191Mrs. Whitney to be Burieddeath
116 Springville Herald1924-12-191Noted Church Man is Deaddeath
117 Springville Herald1924-12-191Crowds honor Dead Leaderdeath
118 Springville Herald1924-12-191Well-Know Pioneer Diesdeath
119 Springville Herald1924-12-261Funeral of Aged Woman at Mapletondeath
120 Springville Herald1924-12-261Potash Found in Dead Seadeath
121 Springville Herald1924-12-261Springville Pioneer Diesdeath
122 Springville Herald1924-12-264Death Case Inquest Helddeath
123 Springville Herald1924-12-264Eight Die in Plane Wreckdeath
124 Springville Herald1925-01-021Jenkins Boy is Shot White Examining Gundeath
125 Springville Herald1925-01-021Old Resident is Burieddeath
101 - 125 of 5,469