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101 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-051Death of Mrs. Vandevanter.death
102 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-122David Eccles Stricken.death
103 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-122Pioneer Mining Man Dead.death
104 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-122Leaps to His Death.death
105 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-122Former Nevadan Dies.death
106 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-261Death of Mrs. S. N. Webb.death
107 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-262John Brown's Son Dies.death
108 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-264John Brown's Son Dies.death
109 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-265Prepares Gift; Learns of Death.death
110 Millard County Chronicle1912-12-267Prepares Gift; Learns of Death.death
111 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-024Dies before Taking Office.death
112 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-024Senator Jeff Davis Deaddeath
113 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-094Ice Caused Man's Death.death
114 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-094Trapper near Death.death
115 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-165Financial Adviser Dead.death
116 Millard County Chronicle1913-01-165Lowe at Point of Death.death
117 Millard County Chronicle1913-02-132Aged Steamboat Captain Dead.death
118 Millard County Chronicle1913-03-064Engineer Killeddeath
119 Millard County Chronicle1913-03-205Big Sioux Chief Dead.death
120 Millard County Chronicle1913-03-205Hazing Causes Student's Death.death
121 Millard County Chronicle1913-03-274Princess Attempts Suicide.death
122 Millard County Chronicle1913-04-035Morgan Meets Death in Romedeath
123 Millard County Chronicle1913-04-104Aged Politician Dies.death
124 Millard County Chronicle1913-04-104Famous Magistrate Dies.death
125 Millard County Chronicle1913-04-172John B. Henderson Dead.death
101 - 125 of 1,449