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101 Milford News1933-08-311Observe Cottrell Birthdaybirth
102 Milford News1933-10-052The Infant Prodigybirth
103 Milford News1933-10-056Lion Cubs Born at the World's Fairbirth
104 Milford News1933-10-121Birthsbirth
105 Milford News1933-11-232Time of Birth of Columbusbirth
106 Milford News1934-02-224Washingtons Birthdaybirth
107 Milford News1934-05-177When Born on High Seasbirth
108 Milford News1934-10-258Hospital Notesbirth
109 Milford News1934-11-018Hospital Notesbirth
110 Milford News1934-11-158Two Pairs of Twins Born at Minersvillebirth
111 Milford News1934-12-068Birthday Observedbirth
112 Milford News1934-12-207Journey from Nazareth, Birth of Christ Childbirth
113 Milford News1934-12-209Sextuplet Birthbirth
114 Milford News1935-01-171At Work on Plans for Birthday Ballbirth
115 Milford News1935-01-241Birthday Ball to be a Gala Affairbirth
116 Milford News1935-01-318Large Crowd at Birthday Ballbirth
117 Milford News1935-02-078Birthday Ball Reportbirth
118 Milford News1935-03-141Minersville Celebrating 75th Birth Anniversarybirth
119 Milford News1935-06-201Four Births Announcedbirth
120 Milford News1935-09-126Born Wrestlerbirth
121 Milford News1936-01-021Parents of Baby Girlbirth
122 Milford News1936-01-161Local Newsbirth
123 Milford News1936-02-061Birthday Celebratedbirth
124 Milford News1936-03-261Celebrates Birthdaybirth
125 Milford News1936-03-263Blast Old Idea that Caesar was Born by Caesarean Operationbirth
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