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101 Rich County Reaper1936-07-316Maxim Gorky Diesdeath
102 Rich County Reaper1936-10-301Ward Calder Dies at Logandeath
103 Rich County Reaper1936-10-301Funeral Services Held for Twin Daughterdeath
104 Rich County Reaper1936-10-305Almost Died of Thirst in Desertdeath
105 Rich County Reaper1936-11-061Former Rich County Man Dies at Ogdendeath
106 Rich County Reaper1936-11-201James Shepherd, 48 of Ogden, is Deaddeath
107 Rich County Reaper1936-12-11120 Point Deer Killeddeath
108 Rich County Reaper1937-01-151Death Claims L. W. Beason Utah State Road Officialdeath
109 Rich County Reaper1937-02-191Prominent Randolph Citizen Dies Suddenlydeath
110 Rich County Reaper1937-03-263Death Takes Long Holiday in Hamletdeath
111 Rich County Reaper1937-04-021Arthur Budge is Called by Deathdeath
112 Rich County Reaper1937-04-021Sudden Death of Raymond Matrondeath
113 Rich County Reaper1937-04-161World War Veteran Claimed by Deathdeath
114 Rich County Reaper1937-04-168Modern Science Still Uncertain as to Whether on E Dies Suddenly or Piecemealdeath
115 Rich County Reaper1937-05-077He Remains "Dead" "Strangled" by Red Tapedeath
116 Rich County Reaper1937-05-281Funeral Services Held for Orson Thomasdeath
117 Rich County Reaper1937-06-111Film Star Diesdeath
118 Rich County Reaper1937-06-112Poe's Tale of Loften Islands, like Twain's Death, Greatly Exaggerateddeath
119 Rich County Reaper1937-06-251World War Veteran Laid to Restdeath
120 Rich County Reaper1937-07-021Heber W. Bowden Dies at Altonahdeath
121 Rich County Reaper1937-07-091Funeral Services for Heber W. Bowdendeath
122 Rich County Reaper1937-07-161Funeral Services Held for Little Babedeath
123 Rich County Reaper1937-07-231Funeral Services of Mrs. Jane M. Peartdeath
124 Rich County Reaper1937-08-131Two Killed in Car Wreck in Laketown Canyon Tuesdaydeath
125 Rich County Reaper1937-08-133Ranchers Kill Coyotesdeath
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