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101 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-096Impressive Services Held Here for Ruth Kellydeath
102 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-161John. K. Baxter, Orem Farmer , Meets Deathdeath
103 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-161Carl S. Dickerson Diesdeath
104 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-165Court Awards Damages for Child's Deathdeath
105 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-166American Fork Native Buried in Californiadeath
106 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-231Dr. Newel H. Bullock Dies in Californiadeath
107 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-231Death Suddenly Claims Two Valued Citizensdeath
108 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-236Impressive Funeral Services Held for J. C. Beckdeath
109 Pleasant Grove Review1929-11-301Impressive Funeral Services Held for John G. Johnsondeath
110 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-071Matron Dies after Five Years Illnessdeath
111 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-075William King Dies following Short Illnessdeath
112 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-145Joseph D. Shelley Dies following Short Illnessdeath
113 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-145Impressive Funeral Services Held for William Kingdeath
114 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-148Utah Death Rate Growsdeath
115 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-217Wrong View of Deathdeath
116 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-2113Mary Ann Palmer Hobbs Dies in Highlanddeath
117 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-2115Funeral Service Held for Jane Tolman Gardinerdeath
118 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-281U. P. Conductor Called by Deathdeath
119 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-285Lois R. Christensen Dies in Portlanddeath
120 Pleasant Grove Review1929-12-285Impressive Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Hannah Dunkleydeath
121 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-041Dramatic Club of P.G.H.S to Give Pep Vodiedeath
122 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-045Mrs. Richard Bassett Dies in Crash at Elydeath
123 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-045Funeral Services Held for Thomas Lemont Tidwelldeath
124 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-111Mary Holman Smith Diesdeath
125 Pleasant Grove Review1930-01-115Death Claims Mrs. Sophia Greenwooddeath
101 - 125 of 4,435