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101 Pleasant Grove Review1937-12-245Gives Birth to Fifth Caesarian Babybirth
102 Pleasant Grove Review1937-12-246Birth is First Birthdaybirth
103 Pleasant Grove Review1937-12-311Birthsbirth
104 Pleasant Grove Review1938-01-075Birth Rate Shows Increasebirth
105 Pleasant Grove Review1938-01-147Threads Needle at Her 100th Birthday Partybirth
106 Pleasant Grove Review1938-01-285Plans Progress for President's Birthday Ballbirth
107 Pleasant Grove Review1938-02-045Oldest Man to Celebrates 94th Birthdaybirth
108 Pleasant Grove Review1938-02-113Nation Celebrates 250th Anniversary Swedenborg's Birthbirth
109 Pleasant Grove Review1938-02-251Birthday Celebratedbirth
110 Pleasant Grove Review1938-04-081Pioneer Recalls Varied Events of Utah's Buildingbirth
111 Pleasant Grove Review1938-05-204Hospital Notesbirth
112 Pleasant Grove Review1938-07-018Birthday Party at 80birth
113 Pleasant Grove Review1938-07-291Services for Infant Held in Lindonbirth
114 Pleasant Grove Review1938-08-122Big Asia may be too Small for Stubborn Russia, Japanbirth
115 Pleasant Grove Review1938-08-125To Celebrate 93rd Birthday Tuesdaybirth
116 Pleasant Grove Review1938-08-195Mc Allister Celebrates 93rd Birthday; Recalls Stirring Events of Westbirth
117 Pleasant Grove Review1938-09-092Rabbits Very Small at Birthbirth
118 Pleasant Grove Review1938-09-095Youngs Announce Birth of Gradsonbirth
119 Pleasant Grove Review1938-09-161[Illegible] U. P. Observes [Illegible] Birthday with Exercisesbirth
120 Pleasant Grove Review1938-09-235Baby Boy Born to Brown Ingersollsbirth
121 Pleasant Grove Review1938-10-071[Illegible] Birthday to be Observed by Adaline Nelsonbirth
122 Pleasant Grove Review1938-10-285Fawn Light at Birthbirth
123 Pleasant Grove Review1938-11-187Born Greatbirth
124 Pleasant Grove Review1938-12-095Tableaux to Tell Events of Bethlehembirth
125 Pleasant Grove Review1938-12-236Kipling Born in Indiabirth
101 - 125 of 1,841