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101 News Advocate1922-11-238Martin Mulvey Dies after Brief Illnessdeath
102 News Advocate1922-11-308Aged Pioneer Called to His Final Rewarddeath
103 News Advocate1922-12-281Sam Kusano Dies; Sick Few Hoursdeath
104 News Advocate1923-01-041Price Pioneer is Called by Deathdeath
105 News Advocate1923-01-041Former Carbon County Woman Dies in Fruitadeath
106 News Advocate1923-01-111Prominent and Useful Helper Citizen Diesdeath
107 News Advocate1923-01-117Former Resident of Storrs Diesdeath
108 News Advocate1923-01-181Mother of Price Men Dies after Operationdeath
109 News Advocate1923-02-222Mrs. Penney Diesdeath
110 News Advocate1923-03-081Bruce Hinkins is Buried in Pricedeath
111 News Advocate1923-03-2210Mrs. Binch Loses Fatherdeath
112 News Advocate1923-03-294George C. Logan Dies Suddenly in Salinadeath
113 News Advocate1923-03-294Jim Raptes Deaddeath
114 News Advocate1923-04-121Veteran Lodge Worker Answers Call of Deathdeath
115 News Advocate1923-04-266Attorney Wahlquist of Myton Dies Suddenlydeath
116 News Advocate1923-06-218Fine Helper Citizen is Called by Deathdeath
117 News Advocate1923-06-218John Galanis Diesdeath
118 News Advocate1923-08-092Little Girl Diesdeath
119 News Advocate1923-08-096Mrs. Crawford Deaddeath
120 News Advocate1923-08-161H. W. Cooper Deaddeath
121 News Advocate1923-08-301Mrs. Mamie Hoagland Dies Very Suddenlydeath
122 News Advocate1923-08-304Utah Fuel Official Dies at Los Angelesdeath
123 News Advocate1923-09-131Death Call Comes to Anthon Madsen during the Nightdeath
124 News Advocate1923-10-041Death Comes to Price Attorney from Paralysisdeath
125 News Advocate1923-10-251George Roach Deaddeath
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