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101 Logan Nation1903-03-145Sad Death at Smithfielddeath
102 Logan Nation1903-03-146"Jack, the Slugger," Dies Protesting his Innocence to the Lastdeath
103 Logan Nation1903-03-166Buried Alivedeath
104 Logan Nation1903-03-181Impressive Funeraldeath
105 Logan Nation1903-03-184A Sad Deathdeath
106 Logan Nation1903-03-205Before The Public Eyedeath
107 Logan Nation1903-03-211Heavy Suit for Damagesdeath
108 Logan Nation1903-03-216Terrible Deed of an Insane Womandeath
109 Logan Nation1903-03-216Brothers Died Togetherdeath
110 Logan Nation1903-03-216Victim of Pueblo Thugs Deaddeath
111 Logan Nation1903-03-233The Dread Hour of Deathdeath
112 Logan Nation1903-03-276Texas Girl's Wild Ride to Escape from Deathdeath
113 Logan Nation1903-03-282Montana Pioneer Deaddeath
114 Logan Nation1903-03-282Sisters Die Togetherdeath
115 Logan Nation1903-03-287Prominent Veteran Deaddeath
116 Logan Nation1903-04-016Say all the Stars are Aglowdeath
117 Logan Nation1903-04-046Mysterious Death from Lockjawdeath
118 Logan Nation1903-04-046Whipped Filipino to Deathdeath
119 Logan Nation1903-04-111Affairs in Clarkstondeath
120 Logan Nation1903-04-112Cattleman Foully Murdereddeath
121 Logan Nation1903-04-112Renegade Shot to Deathdeath
122 Logan Nation1903-04-112Murdered on the Traildeath
123 Logan Nation1903-04-151Apostle Young is Deaddeath
124 Logan Nation1903-04-158Funeral of Levi Riterdeath
125 Logan Nation1903-04-181Service for Apostle Youngdeath
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