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101 Lehi Sun1921-05-195Ward Leader Laid to Restdeath
102 Lehi Sun1921-05-261Two Drowned in Utah Lakedeath
103 Lehi Sun1921-05-268Victim of Automobile Laid to Restdeath
104 Lehi Sun1921-06-025Admiral Fechteler is Deaddeath
105 Lehi Sun1921-06-165Biographer is Deaddeath
106 Lehi Sun1921-06-165"Luke M'Luke" Diesdeath
107 Lehi Sun1921-06-231Former Lehi Sugar Man Dies at Spanish Forkdeath
108 Lehi Sun1921-06-235Dies after Rescuedeath
109 Lehi Sun1921-06-301Mother Called by Death after Two Months Illnessdeath
110 Lehi Sun1921-06-301Man Dies of Alcoholic Posioningdeath
111 Lehi Sun1921-06-301Five Funerals Conducted in Lehi the Past Weekdeath
112 Lehi Sun1921-06-306Railroad Man Burieddeath
113 Lehi Sun1921-06-306Parr Child's Funeraldeath
114 Lehi Sun1921-07-071Child Called by Deathdeath
115 Lehi Sun1921-07-075Navy Officer Suicidesdeath
116 Lehi Sun1921-07-077Giant Cracker Carries Deathdeath
117 Lehi Sun1921-07-077General Fielding Diesdeath
118 Lehi Sun1921-08-045Caruso, Famous Singer, Deaddeath
119 Lehi Sun1921-08-111Former Lehi Resident Diesdeath
120 Lehi Sun1921-08-185Federal Judge Deaddeath
121 Lehi Sun1921-08-185Yale Professor Diesdeath
122 Lehi Sun1921-09-015Gen. J. F. Wade Diesdeath
123 Lehi Sun1921-09-084Buried with Their Husbanddeath
124 Lehi Sun1921-09-157Former Senator Diesdeath
125 Lehi Sun1921-09-221Devoted Church Worker Called by Deathdeath
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