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101 Garland Globe1907-03-021Funeral of W H Parkedeath
102 Garland Globe1907-03-091Death of Mrs. W. O. Mayflelddeath
103 Garland Globe1907-03-161Death of John Burnsdeath
104 Garland Globe1907-03-231Funeral of James R. Millarddeath
105 Garland Globe1907-03-231Funeral of Hattie Wightdeath
106 Garland Globe1907-03-232Trainmen Are Drowneddeath
107 Garland Globe1907-03-232Danced Herself to Deathdeath
108 Garland Globe1907-04-062Veteran Congressman Deaddeath
109 Garland Globe1907-04-207Old Wall Street Character Deaddeath
110 Garland Globe1907-04-272Woman Starved to Deathdeath
111 Garland Globe1907-04-276Met Death in Ovendeath
112 Garland Globe1907-05-042Dies for Sciencedeath
113 Garland Globe1907-05-112Determined Effort of a Physician to Commit Suicidedeath
114 Garland Globe1907-05-251Sad Death of Miss Elva Boothedeath
115 Garland Globe1907-06-016Died in Prison Pensdeath
116 Garland Globe1907-06-082Alleged Embezzler Suicidesdeath
117 Garland Globe1907-06-086Death of Mrs. Huggarddeath
118 Garland Globe1907-06-158Death of Apostle Teasdaledeath
119 Garland Globe1907-06-222Murderer Dies from Nervousnessdeath
120 Garland Globe1907-06-292Utah Pioneer Deaddeath
121 Garland Globe1907-07-062Englishman Meets Tragic Deathdeath
122 Garland Globe1907-07-062Drowned in Irrigation Ditchdeath
123 Garland Globe1907-07-132Finn Miner is Shot to Death in Mine by an Austriandeath
124 Garland Globe1907-07-132Judge Swayne Deaddeath
125 Garland Globe1907-07-202Peter Larsen Deaddeath
101 - 125 of 463