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101 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-09-111George W. Bodle Dies at Denverdeath
102 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-11-058Joseph Harpole Dies in Grand County at the Age of 107 Yearsdeath
103 Eastern Utah Advocate1908-12-311Death of Sarah Elizabeth Ruffdeath
104 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-01-213Mother of J. R. Sharp Dies at Salt Lake Citydeath
105 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-03-181Sudden Death of Mrs. Shinerdeath
106 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-03-183Gen. Palmer Dies at Ripe Old Agedeath
107 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-05-061Henry G. Bryner, Pioneer, is Deaddeath
108 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-06-241Identified with Earliest Historydeath
109 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-08-121Arthur E. Welby Dies at Denverdeath
110 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-12-304Dr. E. J. Warth Dies Suddenlydeath
111 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-02-101Veteran Pioneer Has Passed Awaydeath
112 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-02-171Funeral from Family Homedeath
113 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-03-101Funeral of the Late J. A. Harrisondeath
114 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-03-311death
115 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-03-311President John R. Winder Diesdeath
116 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-07-293Arthur A. Sweet is Now at Restdeath
117 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-08-113Oscar B. Young Dead; a Son of Brighamdeath
118 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-08-253For Whom Gano Apple Was Named Diesdeath
119 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-09-153"Sandy" Wilson Dies at Hospitaldeath
120 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-10-271A. H. Earll Dies Very Suddenlydeath
121 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-11-031John L. Price, of Scofield, Passesdeath
122 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-12-083Mrs. Kate Pendergrass Passes Away Wednesdaydeath
123 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-12-151Verne H. Carey Dies Suddenlydeath
124 Eastern Utah Advocate1910-12-223Mrs. Caffey Laid at Rest Fridaydeath
125 Eastern Utah Advocate1911-01-191A Good Man Has Passed Beyonddeath
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