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101 American Fork Citizen1914-12-054Martha Phillips Dies from Fractured Skulldeath
102 American Fork Citizen1914-12-056Orin Rockwell Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
103 American Fork Citizen1914-12-121Former School Principal Dies in Mapletondeath
104 American Fork Citizen1914-12-122Bushman Baby Funeral at 11 O'clockdeath
105 American Fork Citizen1914-12-124Funeral Services for Early Pioneerdeath
106 American Fork Citizen1914-12-126Evans Baby Diesdeath
107 American Fork Citizen1914-12-126Mrs. Charles St. Jeor Dies in Lewistondeath
108 American Fork Citizen1914-12-127Mrs. Robert Loader Dies at Murraydeath
109 American Fork Citizen1914-12-192Thomas Barrett Deaddeath
110 American Fork Citizen1914-12-194Two Babies Buried Saturdaydeath
111 American Fork Citizen1914-12-194Nrs. Charles St. Jeor Buried Sundaydeath
112 American Fork Citizen1914-12-194Funeral for Grant Larsondeath
113 American Fork Citizen1914-12-196Little Miriam Johnson Diesdeath
114 American Fork Citizen1914-12-197Jack Hill Dies in New Mexicodeath
115 American Fork Citizen1914-12-197Funeral Services for Mrs. Eliza Loaderdeath
116 American Fork Citizen1914-12-261Mother Dies in Middle Agedeath
117 American Fork Citizen1914-12-261Funeral Services for Robert Cromptondeath
118 American Fork Citizen1914-12-267Pioneer Woman Summoned Homedeath
119 American Fork Citizen1915-01-163Thomas E. Thornton Deaddeath
120 American Fork Citizen1915-02-061Young Mother Dies in Idahodeath
121 American Fork Citizen1915-02-066Mrs. M. M. Gaddie Dies in 90th Yeardeath
122 American Fork Citizen1915-02-066Former Lehi Resident Dies in Idaho Fallsdeath
123 American Fork Citizen1915-02-132Hilbert Jensen Buried in Pleasant Grovedeath
124 American Fork Citizen1915-02-201Little One Buried Tuesdaydeath
125 American Fork Citizen1915-02-204Funeral Services for Mrs. Catherine Foxdeath
101 - 125 of 361