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76 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-021J. Dell Waddoups Died Sundaydeath
77 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-051Child Dies of Erysipelasdeath
78 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-121Pioneer Lady is Called by Deathdeath
79 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-121Death of Little Zella Reevesdeath
80 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-191Impressive Funeral Services for Melda Hardingdeath
81 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-234Funeral Services for Stewart Vancedeath
82 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-261Former Brigham Boy Accidentally Killeddeath
83 Box Elder News Journal1924-09-261Death of Grant R. Nebekerdeath
84 Box Elder News Journal1925-09-041Leda Hirschi of Park Valley Dies at Ogdendeath
85 Box Elder News Journal1925-09-081David Braegger Dies at Dee Hospital Mondaydeath
86 Box Elder News Journal1925-09-151Peter M. Hansen Laid at Restdeath
87 Box Elder News Journal1925-09-252Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Burrowsdeath
88 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-031Logan Salesman Dies in Canyondeath
89 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-071Bear River Man Died at Local Hospitaldeath
90 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-071Young Mother Dies Sunday Morningdeath
91 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-101Funeral Services for P. A. Hansendeath
92 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-101Mrs. W. R. Lacey Laid at Final Restdeath
93 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-211Young Mother Dies Suddenlydeath
94 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-241Funeral Services for Roland Mortensendeath
95 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-281Alice M. Johnson Called by Deathdeath
96 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-281Undertaker at Hyrum Called by Deathdeath
97 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-281P. D. Christensen Died Saturdaydeath
98 Box Elder News Journal1926-09-281Mystery Seen in Girl's Deathdeath
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