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76 Millard County Chronicle1941-12-181Former Oasis Resident Dies in Californiadeath
77 Millard County Chronicle1941-12-251Former Delta Dies in Salt Lakedeath
78 Millard County Chronicle1941-12-251Services for Fillmore Matrondeath
79 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-031Deltan Dies in Californiadeath
80 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-031Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Erma T. Hendersondeath
81 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-101O. DeMill Dies...death
82 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-171Little Child Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
83 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-171Mrs. Stewart Dies...death
84 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-171Editor of Eureka Paper Diesdeath
85 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-241Alma Broderick Dies...death
86 Millard County Chronicle1942-12-241Funeral Services for John M. DeLappdeath
87 Millard County Chronicle1943-12-021Funeral Services for Soren Rawlinsondeath
88 Millard County Chronicle1943-12-301Local School Principal's Father Dies in Richfielddeath
89 Millard County Chronicle1944-12-141Millard's Oldest Resident Dies at 95 Years of Agedeath
90 Millard County Chronicle1944-12-141R. S. Law Dies Suddenly in Salt Lake Citydeath
91 Millard County Chronicle1945-12-061Heber J. Mitchell Dies in Fillmoredeath
92 Millard County Chronicle1946-12-121B. A. Rasmussen, of Ward Leasing Company, Dies in Midvaledeath
93 Millard County Chronicle1947-12-041Final Rites for Mrs Clara B. P. Anderson Held Wednesdaydeath
94 Millard County Chronicle1947-12-041Services Held in Meadow for H. B. Bushnelldeath
95 Millard County Chronicle1947-12-111Father Dies at Panguitchdeath
96 Millard County Chronicle1947-12-251Son Dies after Short Illnessdeath
97 Millard County Chronicle1948-12-021Albert L. Simons, Pioneer Deltan, Dies Saturdaydeath
98 Millard County Chronicle1948-12-021New Shop Opens in Delta Friday for the Ladiesdeath
99 Millard County Chronicle1948-12-021First Ward Readies Playdeath
100 Millard County Chronicle1948-12-028Girl Rescues Two-Year-Old from Death in Tar Pooldeath
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