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76 San Juan Record1930-08-141San Juan Legion Cops Spoffard Cuparticle
77 San Juan Record1930-08-141Floods Do Much Damage to Roads of Countyarticle
78 San Juan Record1930-08-141Peter Shumway Family Hold Reunionarticle
79 San Juan Record1930-08-141Weekly Industrial Review for Utaharticle
80 San Juan Record1930-08-141State Line Newsarticle
81 San Juan Record1930-08-141Local Newsarticle
82 San Juan Record1930-08-142unclassified
83 San Juan Record1930-08-142page
84 San Juan Record1930-08-142advertisement
85 San Juan Record1930-08-142Bank Book of "Bum" Shows $3,517 Balancearticle
86 San Juan Record1930-08-142Seeking a Bargainarticle
87 San Juan Record1930-08-142Priest Toils Alone to Rebuild Wrecked Churcharticle
88 San Juan Record1930-08-142Four Men Needed to Lift This Bookarticle
89 San Juan Record1930-08-142Chain Lightningarticle
90 San Juan Record1930-08-142Different Colored Roses Grow from Same Twigarticle
91 San Juan Record1930-08-142Linen or Cotton for Summer Weararticle
92 San Juan Record1930-08-142No Cracks in Currencyarticle
93 San Juan Record1930-08-142Defeatsarticle
94 San Juan Record1930-08-142People of St. Kilda Want to Leave Islandarticle
95 San Juan Record1930-08-142New Verses of Omar Unearthedarticle
96 San Juan Record1930-08-143unclassified
97 San Juan Record1930-08-143advertisement
98 San Juan Record1930-08-143page
99 San Juan Record1930-08-143Foundation for Belief Concerning Third Matcharticle
100 San Juan Record1930-08-143Utah Briefsarticle
76 - 100 of 13,873