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76 San Juan Record1920-04-074Local Newsarticle
77 San Juan Record1920-04-074Local Newsarticle
78 San Juan Record1920-04-075page
79 San Juan Record1920-04-075advertisement
80 San Juan Record1920-04-075unclassified
81 San Juan Record1920-04-075Winner is the Name Adopted for Postofficearticle
82 San Juan Record1920-04-075Taken by and Largearticle
83 San Juan Record1920-04-075Smallpox and Scarlet Feverarticle
84 San Juan Record1920-04-075Petit Jurors for April Term Are Drawnarticle
85 San Juan Record1920-04-075What Are the Peoplearticle
86 San Juan Record1920-04-075Easter Dinner is Enjoyed at Verdurearticle
87 San Juan Record1920-04-075The Bill Being Draftedarticle
88 San Juan Record1920-04-075Between the Peoplearticle
89 San Juan Record1920-04-075Despite the Factarticle
90 San Juan Record1920-04-075Live Stock Inspector is Making Examinationsarticle
91 San Juan Record1920-04-075From the Gulfarticle
92 San Juan Record1920-04-075With the Returnarticle
93 San Juan Record1920-04-076advertisement
94 San Juan Record1920-04-076page
95 San Juan Record1920-04-076unclassified
96 San Juan Record1920-04-076American Catholics Number 27,650,204article
97 San Juan Record1920-04-076Henry A. Morgenthauarticle
98 San Juan Record1920-04-076Premier Defends Action of Alliesarticle
99 San Juan Record1920-04-076Rear Admiral Bensonarticle
100 San Juan Record1920-04-076Uses Gun to Aid Fatherarticle
76 - 100 of 8,131