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76 Millard County Chronicle1945-05-175Marriage Announcedwedding
77 Millard County Chronicle1945-05-241Married in Salt Lake...wedding
78 Millard County Chronicle1945-05-319Announce Marriage...wedding
79 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-025Announce Marriage of Daughter in Templewedding
80 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-025Marriage of Daughter in Announcedwedding
81 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-025Announcement Made of Engagementwedding
82 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-097Couple Are Married in Salt Lake Citywedding
83 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-097Marriage Performed in Coloradowedding
84 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-0910Married at Kearnswedding
85 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-167Announce Marriage of Daughter on May 1wedding
86 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-167Engagement Announced of Daughterwedding
87 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-167Bennett-Ross Marrigae Takes Place in Salt Lakewedding
88 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-167June Wedding Planned for Young Deltanswedding
89 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-235Engagement Announced of Their Daughterwedding
90 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-238Announce Forthcoming Marriage in Junewedding
91 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-301Parents Announce Daughter's Marriagewedding
92 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-301Wedding Reception Honors Young Couplewedding
93 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-303Daughter's Engagement is Announced...wedding
94 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-305Engagement Announced of Daughterwedding
95 Millard County Chronicle1946-05-305Daughter's Engagement is Announced...wedding
96 Millard County Chronicle1947-05-017Betrothal is Told ...wedding
97 Millard County Chronicle1947-05-154Engagement is Announcedwedding
98 Millard County Chronicle1947-05-1511Announcement of Weddingwedding
99 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-061Are Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
100 Millard County Chronicle1948-05-061Golden Wedding is Celebratedwedding
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