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76 Sugar House Bulletin1947-04-183Garrett - Dallof Wedding Mondaywedding
77 Sugar House Bulletin1947-04-253Prominent S. H. Couple Wedswedding
78 Sugar House Bulletin1947-05-023Carmond Coles Takes Vows in Unusual Ceremonywedding
79 Sugar House Bulletin1947-05-163Miss Helen Plowgian Weds K. J. Hansenwedding
80 Sugar House Bulletin1947-05-233Darlene Mae Strom Wedswedding
81 Sugar House Bulletin1947-05-302Thelma Jean Meadows Wedswedding
82 Sugar House Bulletin1947-06-063June Chosen as Nuptial Month by Popular Southeasternerswedding
83 Sugar House Bulletin1947-06-063Bride-Elect Scoffs at Superstitionwedding
84 Sugar House Bulletin1947-06-132Thais Dallimore Weds June 6wedding
85 Sugar House Bulletin1947-06-133Societywedding
86 Sugar House Bulletin1947-07-043Societywedding
87 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-013Marsy Hall Weds Basketball Starwedding
88 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-013Southeasterns Take Wedding Vowswedding
89 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-083"This and that in Sugar House Ward"wedding
90 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-083Miss Lucile Richards Weds W. H. Cluny in Logan Templewedding
91 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-153September Chosen as Bridal Monthwedding
92 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-263Brown Sisters Set Double Wedding Rites September 1 in Salt Lake Templewedding
93 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-291Well-Known Pair Celebrate Goldern Wedding, Mon.wedding
94 Sugar House Bulletin1947-08-293Rice at Weddingwedding
95 Sugar House Bulletin1947-09-126Some Helpful Ideas in Planning that Weddingwedding
96 Sugar House Bulletin1947-09-191Prominent Southeast Maid Marrieswedding
97 Sugar House Bulletin1947-10-031Holladay Girl Says 'I Do'wedding
98 Sugar House Bulletin1947-11-077Married Vets Leadwedding
99 Sugar House Bulletin1947-11-141Sugar House's 1947 Queen to Marrywedding
100 Sugar House Bulletin1947-11-143Five U. S. Radio Reporters to Cover Elizabeth's Weddingwedding
76 - 100 of 496