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76 Rich County Reaper1940-05-031Wedding Dancewedding
77 Rich County Reaper1940-05-315Something Old, Something Newwedding
78 Rich County Reaper1940-07-268Wedding Reception Heldwedding
79 Rich County Reaper1940-08-091Marriage Takes Place in Homewedding
80 Rich County Reaper1940-10-251Wedding Dance Givenwedding
81 Rich County Reaper1940-11-296Fifth Wedding Anniversarywedding
82 Rich County Reaper1940-12-201Young Couple to Wedwedding
83 Rich County Reaper1940-12-201Married Folks Dance is Grand Successwedding
84 Rich County Reaper1941-06-131Wedding Dance Held for Young Couplewedding
85 Rich County Reaper1941-06-201Celebrate Wedding at Garden Citywedding
86 Rich County Reaper1941-06-274Short Wedding Gowns; No Lapels in Italywedding
87 Rich County Reaper1941-07-181Rich County Couple Married on July 15wedding
88 Rich County Reaper1941-10-101Young Couple Marriedwedding
89 Rich County Reaper1941-11-071Wedding Dance and Reception for Couplewedding
90 Rich County Reaper1941-11-211Wedding Reception Held for Newly-Wedswedding
91 Rich County Reaper1941-12-191Wedding Reception Held Last Fridaywedding
92 Rich County Reaper1942-02-271Wedding Reception and Dance Heldwedding
93 Rich County Reaper1942-02-277Married to a Treewedding
94 Rich County Reaper1942-04-176Arrangements for a Lovely Weddingwedding
95 Rich County Reaper1942-06-263War Bridewedding
96 Rich County Reaper1942-09-041Country Faces Shortage of Welding Rodswedding
97 Rich County Reaper1942-10-021Married Folks Partywedding
98 Rich County Reaper1943-01-297Majority at Marriagewedding
99 Rich County Reaper1943-07-231Randolph Man Married at Ft. Lewis Saturdaywedding
100 Rich County Reaper1943-08-201Wedding Bells Ringwedding
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