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76 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-241King's Romance Topic of Gossip on Paris Visitwedding
77 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-254Overalls at Weddingwedding
78 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-256Ogden Girl Marrieswedding
79 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-2511Guided His Married Life by Spiritual Advicewedding
80 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-275'wedding Bells' All Star Castwedding
81 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-2811Seat Sale Opens for 'Wedding Bells'wedding
82 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-304Two Couples Wed at County Courthousewedding
83 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-308'Wedding Bells' a Delightful Comedywedding
84 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-308Mexican War Veteran Married Eight Timeswedding
85 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-308Local Newswedding
86 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-3015June Month of Brides and Roses, at Handwedding
87 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-05-315'Wedding Bells' Here Wednesdaywedding
88 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-011Author and Star Wedwedding
89 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-016Couple Married by Episcopal Reactorwedding
90 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-016Two Couples Given Marriage Licenseswedding
91 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-023Miss Helen Taft to be Married in Julywedding
92 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-026Lawrence Mill Workers Rush to Get Marriedwedding
93 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0210Licensed to Marrywedding
94 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0310To Attend Weddingwedding
95 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0310Couple Marriedwedding
96 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0310Couple Marriedwedding
97 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0310Riddiough-Meissner Weddingwedding
98 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-058Four Couples Wed at County Courthousewedding
99 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-065Claims Husband Deserted Army and Wed Anotherwedding
100 Ogden Standard-Examiner1920-06-0613Took out License 45 Years Ago-Just Marriedwedding
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