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76 Morgan County News1946-08-231Marriage Licensewedding
77 Morgan County News1946-08-308Marriage Toldwedding
78 Morgan County News1946-09-068Engagement Revealedwedding
79 Morgan County News1946-09-201No Kissing at This Weddingwedding
80 Morgan County News1946-09-278Engagement Toldwedding
81 Morgan County News1946-10-188Couple Plan Home in Kaysville after October Weddingwedding
82 Morgan County News1946-11-015October Bridewedding
83 Morgan County News1946-11-084To Make Home in Daviswedding
84 Morgan County News1946-11-151Couple Will Wed in Stake Housewedding
85 Morgan County News1946-11-154Engagement is Revealedwedding
86 Morgan County News1946-11-221Couple Wedded for 55 Yearswedding
87 Morgan County News1946-11-221Miss Donna Burch Will be Bride of Kent Franciswedding
88 Morgan County News1946-11-291Elva Morris is Married to Charles H. Moorewedding
89 Morgan County News1946-11-291Ruth Davies Plans Marriage in Vawedding
90 Morgan County News1946-11-291Henefer Miss is Married in Salt Lake Templewedding
91 Morgan County News1946-11-291Marriage Licensewedding
92 Morgan County News1946-12-131Chadwick-Foxley Marriage Set for Fridaywedding
93 Morgan County News1946-12-131Marriage Licenseswedding
94 Morgan County News1946-12-201Marriage License Issuedwedding
95 Morgan County News1946-12-271Mrs. Tillie Giles Marries Farmington Manwedding
96 Morgan County News1946-12-275Marriage Licenseswedding
97 Morgan County News1947-01-031Popular Young Couple Wedwedding
98 Morgan County News1947-01-101Lynn Williamson, Ida Carter, Wedwedding
99 Morgan County News1947-01-101Marriage Licensewedding
100 Morgan County News1947-01-108Marriage Solemnized in Morganwedding
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